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DoggieBalm Bathtime Nourish Pack

DoggieBalm Bathtime Nourish Pack

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DoggieBalm Co.® Bathtime Nourish Pack. Includes 2in1 Natural Manuka & Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner and Paw & Nose Balm.

This Bathtime nourishment bundle will provide your dog with the ultimate skin and haircare treatment with two of our absolute best sellers.  
DoggieBalm Natural Australian Manuka and Hemp 2in1 will provide your dog a deeply moisturising and conditioning wash with the  powerful healing properties of Australian Raw Manuka Honey and Australian Hemp seed oil.
DoggieBalm Paw & Nose is the perfect balm for your daily skin care routine or for skin healing, repair and maintenance.
Your dog will love being pampered with this deluxe skincare range.


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