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Hello, and thanks for visiting. My name is Maria and as a passionate Dog Mom (and lover of all dogs!) I originally started the DoggieBalm Co. to ensure that dogs everywhere could receive a completely healthy, natural and organic, premium skincare range to help them be healthy & happy! I'm a true believer that natural and organic products should be affordable so we really strive to make our premium skincare range available for everyone (every dog!).

Believe it or not, back in 2011 there were not many options for natural dog care!

Fast forward, and today, my DoggieBalm premium product range has now expanded to include an amazing range of farm fresh, natural healthy treats and natural supplements to support dog health and wellness. We are very grateful to be trusted by thousands of Pawrents who give us the opportunity to support the health and wellbeing of their dogs, every single week, and from all over the world. 

.. some history

I have always been concerned about the long term effects of nasty (often hidden) ingredients or chemicals in products designed for our beloved puppers and fur babies. This inspired me to create my own safe and natural skin and hair care product range. I created my first doggie balm blend many years ago (2011) for my Maltese Shih Tzu "Ralph" who had terrible skin irritations but at the time I couldn't seem to easily source chemical or medical free balms. 


We handcrafted our first DoggieBalm® batch in Gippsland, Victoria Australia. We only source natural and organic ingredients and use eco-friendly, sustainable packaging to support our environment. 

DoggieBalm® is now made in an Australian GMP Certified Facility to ensure only the best available natural ingredients are used to produce the highest quality products for you, each and every time. DoggieBalm is cruelty free, sustainable and 100% Australian Made Certified. 

I'm very excited to be able to share my all-natural skincare range with you so that you too can provide the absolute best skin and coat care for your dog.

.. and lastly, a word about treats

Did you know that the type of treats you provide to your dog can cause inflammation, and contribute to skin issues and major irritations? Unhealthy and unnatural treats may cause your dog to experience Itchy or flaky skin, loose stool, Urinary Tract issues and much more.. Stay away from imported or manufactured 'pretend food' which can cause long term harm and often lead to early cancer.

There is a better way..

100% Australian, Farm Fresh and Locally Produced 

I am very proud to let you know that DoggieBalm now has its very own - specially selected range of all natural 100% Australian doggie treats.

My DoggieBalm dehydrated range has been selected by me direct from Australian farmers (yes - direct from the farm). The treats are ethically sourced and come from grass-fed beef cattle and the Kangaroo treats from real Australian Kangaroo. Do your fur baby a favour and try these amazing, healthy treats today. You'll notice the difference.

As a Chef, I cooked for (and managed) some of Melbourne's best restaurants. I always understood the absolute importance and value of locally grown, natural and organic ingredients. I also (briefly) studied Agricultural Science which has greatly assisted my knowledge in relation to the ethical growth, development, and guidance of my products. I will always only source the absolute best Australian grown ingredients to ensure the most natural and purest product for your dog.

Thanks for supporting us - I hope your dog loves DoggieBalm ™.

Maria & Co.

All 100% Natural and Organic and made in Gippsland, Victoria - Australia.

Maria & Zeus 2019
This is Maria and Zeus the Doberman. Maria has recreated her premium range and all natural balms to ensure that Zeus has the absolute best paw, nose, and coat care available. Best of all she is now super excited to share her balms with dog lovers all over the world. All 100% Natural and made in Australia.


Maria & Ralph in 2011
Maria created her premium range DoggieBalm back in 2011 to help Ralph with his dry and itchy skin. It worked wonders on Ralph's skin irritations and continued to help Ralph manage his skin conditions right throughout his wonderful life.

DoggieBalm ™ is now featured on 
BondiPet by Bondi Vet, Sydney Australia.



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