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About Us

Hello, and thanks for visiting. My name is Maria and I started the Doggie Balm Co. to ensure that dogs everywhere could receive a completely natural and organic premium balm range for skin and coat care. No toxic chemicals ever.

In actual fact, I created my doggie balm blend over 8 years ago for my Maltese Shih Tzu "Ralph" who had terrible skin irritations but at the time I couldn't seem to easily source chemical or medical free balms. My balms worked wonders on Ralph - he even loved the taste of them (did I mention they are completely safe for all dogs, and kids.. very safe to lick!)

A few years later, I've found myself recreating my balms for our newest family member Zeus the Doberman. The balms are brilliant and work wonders - and after some further refining of the way we infuse our natural ingredients into our balms I'm excited to be able to share my range of all natural balms with you. You too can now provide the absolute best skin and coat care for your dog.

I know the absolute importance of natural ingredients (did I mention I was a chef for many years cooking in some of Melbourne's best restaurants) so I know the value of locally grown, quality ingredients. I only source the absolute best Australian grown ingredients to ensure the most natural and purest product for your dog.

Thanks for supporting our small adventure - I hope your dog loves my hand made natural balms.

Maria & Co.

All 100% Natural and Organic and made in Gippsland, Victoria - Australia.

Maria & Zeus 2019
This is Maria and Zeus the Doberman. Maria has recreated her premium range and all natural balms to ensure that Zeus has the absolute best paw, nose, and coat care available. Best of all she is now super excited to share her balms with dog lovers all over the world. All 100% Natural and made in Australia.


Maria & Ralph in 2012
Maria created her premium range Doggie Balm back in 2012 to help Ralph with his dry and itchy skin. It worked wonders on Ralph's skin irritations and continued to help Ralph manage his skin conditions right throughout his wonderful life.