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    Ask Away..


    We only use natural & organic ingredients to make our premium products. DoggieBalm Skincare is made in a GMP Certified facility to ensure the highest manufacture quality and highest grade ingredients. DoggieBalm is made to the highest of standards that just can't be achieved by using low grade ingredients. You'll notice that we list everything on our ingredients label. We have nothing to hide and we don't try to confuse customers by using scientific jargon with complex wording or numbers. Always check the ingredients label and compare our products.

    We are committed to provide you and your much loved fur baby with the highest quality skincare, haircare and natural treats product range. 

    DoggieBalm®  is now made in an Australian GMP Certified Facility to ensure only the best available natural ingredients are used to produce the highest quality products for you, each and every time. DoggieBalm is cruelty free, sustainable and 100% Australian. 

    We are also Australian Made certified. 


    Absolutely safe. So safe that humans can wear this stuff! Our balms are completely safe for dogs to lick. Always ensure you start off with a small amount to test that your dog does not have an adverse reaction. If your dog does have a reaction then you must stop using the product immediately. Whilst it is highly unlikely that your dog will experience an adverse reaction to our products, it is always possible. 

    Don't allow too much excess balm as your dog may end up with an upset tummy if it eats large quantities.


    Yes! Always use DoggieBalm to treat skin irritations, dry or cracked skin, hotspots, grass rash, dry or cracked paws or noses - perfect treatment of snout issues. Use DoggieBalm for preventative maintenance all year round.

    • Cuts, scrapes, burns (do not apply directly into any open wound)
    • Acne, rashes, skin irritations
    • Hot spots, yeast & fungal infections
    • Dry, flaky and itchy skin
    • Allergy symptoms
    • Post surgery treatment
    • Reduces scarring
    • Soothing discomfort
    • Inflamed bug bites


    YES! Did you know that human shampoo is approx. 200 times too acidic for dogs as their skin is only 3-to-5 cells thick, and human skin is around 10-to-15 cells thick. Your dog's skin has a higher pH than a human (Dog pH is around 6.5 to 7.5 versus humans pH at 4.5 to 5.5). That's why we don't recommend using human products on dogs (not even baby shampoo!) as these can cause severe skin irritations to dogs.

    All DoggieBalm products are made for dog skin and are pH balanced specifically for dogs.   



    + DoggieBalm® & HealthyHoundz Natural Treats - Made in Australia

    100% Australian, Farm Fresh and Locally Produced - DoggieBalm & HealthyHoundz® dehydrated range has been selected by me direct from Australian farmers (yes - direct from the farm). The treats are ethically sourced and come from grass-fed beef cattle and the Kangaroo treats from real Australian Kangaroo. Do your fur baby a favour and try these amazing, healthy treats today. You'll notice the difference in your beloved fur baby.

    DoggieBalm & HealthyHoundz are excited bring to market a specially selected range of all-natural dog food and 100% Australian doggie treats. We believe HealthyHoundz food is healthier, tastier and more nutritionally balanced using only Aussie produce (real food). Everything is made right here in Victoria, Australia - only using produce from Aussie farms.


    + Advice

    Whilst our products are completely natural - We recommend that if your dog suffers any allergies to beeswax, honey, rosemary, shea butter, almond oil, or olive oil that you avoid using our DoggieBalms. 

    We strongly recommend that if your dog experiences any adverse reaction to the use of our product that you stop using our product immediately. 

    + Expiry of Products

    Treats - Our dehydrated natural treats will last up to 12 months if not exposed to moisture or bacteria.

    Balms - Whilst it's tempting to hold on to our balms for as long as possible (just in case). If the product has been opened and floating around in a drawer or your bag for more than 1 year, it's probably not worth holding on to and you should toss it out. Do yourself a favour and buy a new one to ensure your dog receives the full benefits of a fresh, newly made, un-used balm.

    Generally, our balms if unopened and unused can last between 1-5 years.. However, once a balm has been exposed to the air, your dog, and other surfaces or substances, the product begins to breed bacteria. Always replace any questionable items.

    Storage: Always store DoggieBalm at room temperature or below 30 degrees Celsius.

     + Shipping

    We ship across Australia using standard Australia Post services. If you would like to discuss bulk purchase then please contact us. Refer to our Shipping Information here.

    For bulk international orders, please contact us firstly to discuss shipping.

    + Attention International Orders - only available via email order

    Please email us the items you would like to order and we will send you a quote for your items plus shipping costs to your destination. 

    Please ensure you are aware of the import regulations, taxes or charges that your country may impose on your delivery. DoggieBalm is not responsible for any extra cost you may receive or fees that are imposed by your own country. 

    + For international deliveries and pricing,

    Please email us the items you would like to order and we will send you a quote for your items plus shipping costs to your destination. 

    *Some of our natural food items not available for international customers due to strict customs/import regulations.

    + Returns Policy

    If you are not happy with DoggieBalm, please return within 14 days and we will provide you a full refund on the product (shipping not included). Refer to our Refund Policy here.

    Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions - we love feedback and will always do our best to find you the right balm for your dog.  

    Refer to our full Terms of Service here.



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