Healthy Biscuit Bundle!
Healthy Biscuit Bundle!
Healthy Biscuit Bundle!
Healthy Biscuit Bundle!

Healthy Biscuit Bundle!

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All Natural Formula Biscuits for Healthy Dogs.

Specially made biscuits to promote healthy skin+coat, mobility and wellbeing!

Our delicious oven baked biscuits featuring activated ingredients and unique natural formula are made to promote healthy living by supporting your dogs essentials needs. They also taste amazing! 

Not only are our oven baked treats chemical, paraben & preservatives free. They're made with only the best natural ingredients and made right here in Victoria to make sure that we don't sacrifice any taste, quality or health benefits.

Dogs love our treats!

We believe that natural goodness can be delivered by healthy treats. No powders needed here just great tasting biscuits.

This amazing natural biscuit bundle is made up of 3 of our best blends: 

  • Joint + Bones Biscuit Pack (300g)
  • Gut + Immune Biscuit Pack (300g)
  • Skin + Coat Biscuit Pack (300g)
  • Suitable for all dog breeds

When your dog eats a high-fat meal, the pancreas can become inflamed and begin to leak digestive enzymes, a process akin to the organ digesting itself. Known as pancreatitis, this condition is common when pets have a diet that is consistently high-fat. But it only takes one high-fat meal to cause pancreatitis. Which is why we've made sure our treats are low in fat to give your doggo the tasty oven baked treat they deserve without you having to worry.

Your fur baby can now benefit from the healing powers of natural ingredients and great tasting biscuits. We think this is a win/win !

You'll receive 3 packets of biscuits in total (1 of each blend)

Recommended Intake: 1 biscuit per 7.5kg of body weight per day


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