Australian Kangaroo Tail
Australian Kangaroo Tail
Australian Kangaroo Tail

Australian Kangaroo Tail

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Natural Healthy Kangaroo Tail - 100% Natural & Organic

100% Australian Kangaroo Tail - nothing else.

These healthy Australian Kangaroo tails are high in protein, low in fat, delicious and simply irresistible. All natural dehydrated Kangaroo tails contain no additives or preservatives and are perfect for maintaining good dental health.  Available in 3 pack or as single purchase. Recommended for medium to large dogs.

  • Single source fibre, protein, iron & zinc
  • Chewing tail cleans teeth and strengthens gums
  • Durable chew to keep dog entertained and active

Please note: The Kangaroo tails will vary on size depending on the animal. We will always pack to weight so you get the best value. 

3 Pack is approx. 400-650g weight. 
Size: approx. 15cm-25cm *will vary based on animal size

No additives. No Fillers. No enhancers. No preservatives

INGREDIENTS: 100% Australian Kangaroo

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