Aussie Beef Ear Chunks (with lobes)

Aussie Beef Ear Chunks (with lobes)

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Premium (Natural) Aussie Beef Ear Chunks (with lobes)

100% Australian Beef - nothing else 
Recommended for small, medium and large size dogs

These 100% natural Beef Ear Chunks are a delicious tough snack made from 100% Aussie Beef Ears. From Aussie farms and rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. 

  • Beef Ear Chunks are popular with dogs  due to their crunch factor 
  • Packed with cartilage and chondroitin to support better health
  • This is a natural product, therefore sizes, shapes and weights may vary

These are perfect dental chews as they are completely natural and don't have any preservatives, hidden nasties or added sugar or color unlike factory produced dental sticks. 100% natural and will support healthy teeth and gums.

No additives. No Fillers. No enhancers. No preservatives

INGREDIENTS: 100% Australian Beef

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