Turkey Necks
Turkey Necks

Turkey Necks

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Natural Healthy Dehydrated Turkey Necks (larger than chicken necks)

100% Natural Australian Turkey - nothing else.

Your pupper will love these large premium quality Turkey necks made from Australian Turkeys. Full of essential vitamins (E & B12)  to support great immune health and great for dental hygiene. Turkey necks are larger than chicken necks.

1Kg Turkey Necks is approx. 10-12 pieces depending on weight of animal.

2PC Pack of Turkey Necks is approx. 230-280grams depending on weight of animal.

These delicious treats are crisp and crunchy which makes them great for your dog's dental health, as they naturally clean your puppers teeth as they chew.

Natural treats can be smelly. We do not spray our treats with any preservatives or additives to control smell or shelf life. Our natural treats are smelly because they are completely natural and dogs love them.

No additives. No Fillers. No enhancers. No preservatives

INGREDIENTS: 100% Australian Turkey, No additives, preservatives or hidden agents.

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