Aussie Roo Ears with Fur (5 Pack)
Aussie Roo Ears with Fur (5 Pack)
Aussie Roo Ears with Fur (5 Pack)

Aussie Roo Ears with Fur (5 Pack)

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Natural Kangaroo Ear with Fur - 100% Natural & Organic 

Trying new things is essential for every dog!

This pack includes 5 Roo Ears with Fur.

These Australian Kangaroo Ears (with Fur) will stimulate your dog's senses and also provide some amazing health benefits for their digestive system.  

  • Single source fibre
  • Fur will aid cleaning of the digestive system (fur will assist to clear the digestive tract)
  • Chewing ears with fur will assist teeth cleaning
  • Bendy & Chewy will keep pupper entertained

Please note: These Kangaroo ears are not treated in any way (100% natural). You may find tiny dead insects in the ear fur from the dehydration process  but these are completely harmless. Feel free to remove any insects if this concerns you. 

Roo Ears will vary in size based on animal size.

No additives. No Fillers. No enhancers. No preservatives

INGREDIENTS: 100% Australian Kangaroo

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