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Luxe Gift Pack
Luxe Gift Pack
Luxe Gift Pack

Luxe Gift Pack

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Treat your special friend to the ultimate range in premium care and pampering. The Luxe Premium Gift Pack has everything you need to ensure gold class care for your beloved fur baby all year round.

This is a special gift pack that offers first class care.

The Luxe Gift Pack will make the ideal personal gift to that special family member or friend who loves and appreciates dogs as much as you do. (normally valued over $130+)

This gift pack comes with free shipping.

All of our natural and organic skin and care essentials are included in this gift pack which is designed to provide the complete premium grooming experience.  

Here's what you'll receive;

  • 500ml DoggieBalm All Natural Manuka & Hemp Dogwash, Made from the most purist and natural oils to ensure every wash will nourish, rejuvenate, and invigorate! (also ideal for sensitive skin dogs).
  • 60g DoggieBalm Paw & Nose, for deep, rich skin nourishment & repair. Perfect for paw and nose maintenance, treatment or daily skin routine.
  • 60g DoggieBalm Manuka, Made from amazing raw Manuka ingredients for natural soothing and healing of all skin irritations and skin discomfort. 
  • Groomers Mit / Rubber Palm Massage Brush for massage, and hair stimulation. Perfect for brushing down your dog before applying our Rosemary Coat Care Balm. (Due to stock availability colour may vary from blue to grey)
  • 100g DoggieBalm Natural Oatmeal and Goatsmilk Blend Soap (handmade)
  • Your choice of Natural Spritz (50ml) A Doggie Cologne/Perfume/Aftershave. A first class fragrance designed for the most sophisticated of dogs.
  • Dental finger brush/s (2) to ensure your dogs teeth are kept clean and free from tartar build up (slip on finger and brush teeth - once per week) 

  • A little taste of our healthy natural treats (oven baked biscuit)
  • Free shipping

RRP $130.00+  * You'll pay just $89.99 

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