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Gift Pack 3 - Premium Pamper Pack

Gift Pack 3 - Premium Pamper Pack

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Treat your special friend to the ultimate range in premium pampering! This pamper pack has everything you need to ensure gold class care for your beloved pooch all year round.

This premium pamper pack offers first class care for your furry friend at amazing value. This gift pack comes with free shipping.

All of our best selling essentials are included in this pack which is designed to provide the complete premium grooming experience.  

You get 
+ Your choice of Doggie Balm Natural Soap (100g Hemp or 100g Oatmeal)
+ Your choice of Doggie Balm Natural Spritz (50ml Lavender, Coconut or Peppermint)
+ 70g Doggie Balm Coat Care Rosemary Blend (Eco Applicator)
+ 50g Doggie Balm Manuka Blend (Eco Applicator)
+ 100g Doggie Balm Co. Original Blend (Aluminum container)
+ Rubber Doggie Brush for coat care.

Normal Value $95.80!  

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