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Puppy Chews
Puppy Chews

Puppy Chews

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Natural Healthy Puppy Chews

100% Australian Pork - nothing else.

These delicious dehydrated Aussie pork pieces (tiny ear strips) are the ideal chewing treat for your little puppy or small dog. They'll enjoy chewing on these healthy treats which are high in protein and great for occupying dogs who like to chew. Chew-able treats have the added benefit of promoting dental health.

DoggieBalm Puppy Chews are 100% Natural sourced from local Aussie farms. High in essential nutrients and vitamins for amazing dog health and well being.

No additives. No Fillers. No enhancers. No preservatives

INGREDIENTS: 100% Australian Pork, No additives, preservatives or hidden agents.

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