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DoggieBalm now has its very own specially selected range of 100% Natural Australian doggie treats. Farm fresh and locally produced from Australian animals.

The DoggieBalm dehydrated treats range is ethically sourced and produced from grass-fed beef cattle, the Kangaroo treats from real Australian Kangaroo, and the chicken is grown from local Aussie farms.

DoggieBalm Treats are 100% Australian - Made from Australian animals.

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  • Aussie Beef Puffs (High value trainers)
    Aussie Beef Puffs (High value trainers)
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  • Veal Tendon Scrolls
    Veal Tendon Scrolls
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  • Aussie Lamb Bone (3 pack)
    Aussie Lamb Bone (3 pack)
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  • Australian Kangaroo Tail
    Australian Kangaroo Tail
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  • Mixed Treat Plate
    Mixed Treat Plate
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  • Super Food 3 Pack Special (Value Pack)
    Super Food 3 Pack Special (Value Pack)
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